Where Is Mr. Kim (Hangul: 김무명을 찾아라) is a South Korean television program that airs on tvN. Before starting out as a regular variety show, 2 pilot episodes were aired on 7 and 8 October at 19:40 (KST). Season 1 was broadcast on every Saturday at 19:40 (KST) from 18 November 2017 to 23 December 2017. On 1st February 2018, it was announced that Season 2 of the show has been confirmed, with Lee Sang-min and Jeong Hyeong-don
Jeong Hyeong-don
to remain while mixed martial artist Dong Hyun Kim
Dong Hyun Kim
and Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon will replace Season 1 regular cast Jeong Jin-woon
Jeong Jin-woon
and DinDin. It will be on broadcast every Thursday at 20:10 (KST) from 1st March 2018.[1]


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Program[edit] Where Is Mr.Kim is South Korea's first ever infiltration mystery variety show where unknown actors/actresses showcase themselves with their acting skills. In each episode, the instigator, which is usually an experienced, more known actor/actress, will bring in a few unknown actors/actresses that are juniors to the instigator. The instigator will set up a situated theme and these unknown actors/actresses will blend in to it with other people who are genuinely based on it. The cast of star investigators will together experience the theme with the group and identify who are the actors/actresses among the group. If the cast cannot find all the unknown actors/actresses, the instigator wins the game. In Season 2, the instigator will no longer be of an experienced, more known actor/actress. Cast[edit]

Lee Sang-min (Pilot episodes 1-2, Season 1-2) Jeong Hyeong-don
Jeong Hyeong-don
(Pilot episodes 1-2, Season 1-2) Dong Hyun Kim
Dong Hyun Kim
(Season 2) Hyoyeon (Girls' Generation) (Season 2)


Sleepy (Pilot episode 1) Jeong Jin-woon
Jeong Jin-woon
(Pilot episodes 1-2, Season 1) DinDin
(Pilot episode 2, Season 1)

Episodes[edit] Pilot Episodes[edit]

Episode # Broadcast Date Theme Instigator Unknown Actors/Actresses Note(s)

1 October 7, 2017 Temple Choi Soo-jong Ji Hyuk, Choi Nak-kwon, Lee Jun-nyeong

2 October 8, 2017 Song and Dance Troupe Park Chul-min Park Geon-hee, Chae Yoo-ri, Lee Ji-sook

Season 1[edit]

Episode # Broadcast Date Theme Instigator Unknown Actors/Actresses Note(s)

1 November 18, 2017 Aquarium Choi Min-soo Kim Min-cheol, Go Ye-rin, Seo Jeong-hoon

2 November 25, 2017 Police Station Jeong Bo-seok Lee Jong-min, Kim Gi-tae, Kim Hyun-chang

3 December 2, 2017 Airline Company Kim Jung-tae Park Ki-hoon, Jeong Min-ji, Kim Woo-joo

4 December 9, 2017 Wrestling Ryu Seung-soo Kim Dong-gil, Woo Jae-hwa, Lee Kang-ryeol

5 December 16, 2017 Mountain Rescue Cho Jae-hyun Choi Won-joon, Cha Seung-ho

6 December 23, 2017 Curling Jang Young-nam Sun A-rin, Ha Jung-min

Season 2[edit]

Episode # Broadcast Date Theme Unknown Actors/Actresses Note(s)

1 March 1, 2018 Marine Police Lee Ji-hyuk, Kim Yoon-bae —

2 March 8, 2018 Hanok Guest House Noh Joo-yeon, Kim Beom-yeon Guest Investigator: Park Chul-min

3 March 15, 2018 Idol Agency Kang Byung-hee, Kim Hye-ji

Guest Investigator: Han Eun-jung Special
guest appearance by Jeonghwa (EXID)

4 March 22, 2018 House of Natural Person Myung Do-jin, Na Dae-han, Jeon Hong-ryeol, Heo In-goo

Guest Investigator: Ilhoon (BtoB) Special
mission: Find the genuine natural person

5 March 29, 2018 News Agency (Reporter) Yoon Hwa-kyung, Ahn So-yo

Guest Investigator: Sayuri Fujita Special
guest appearance by Samuel

6 April 5, 2018 Agriculture Life Science High School Kwon Soon-woo, Seo Jeong-rok

Guest Investigator: Oh Na-mi

7 April 12, 2018 Horse Ranch at Jeju TBA

Ratings[edit] In the ratings below, the highest rating for the show will be in red, and the lowest rating for the show will be in blue each year. Season 1[edit]

Ep. # Broadcast date Average audience share

AGB Nielsen[2] TNmS Ratings[3]

Nationwide Seoul Capital Area Nationwide

1 November 18, 2017 1.050% NR 1.0%

2 November 25, 2017 0.820% 1.1%

3 December 2, 2017 0.842% 1.2%

4 December 9, 2017 1.258% 1.0%

5 December 16, 2017 0.971% 1.0%

6 December 23, 2017 1.094% 0.8%

Season 2[edit]

Ep. # Broadcast date Average audience share

AGB Nielsen[2] TNmS Ratings[3]

Nationwide Seoul Capital Area Nationwide

1 March 1, 2018 1.031% NR 1.5%

2 March 8, 2018 0.985% 1.1%

3 March 15, 2018 0.4% 1.1%

4 March 22, 2018 1.014% 1.6%

5 March 29, 2018 0.681% 0.8%

6 April 5, 2018 0.5% 0.6%

7 April 12, 2018 % %

Note that the show airs on a cable channel (pay TV), which plays part in its slower uptake and relatively small audience share when compared to programs broadcast (FTA) on public networks such as KBS, SBS, MBC or EBS. NR rating means "not reported".


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