Sanhe (Chinese: 三河; pinyin: Sānhé Shì) is a county-level city administered by Langfang prefecture in eastern Hebei province, People's Republic of China. The name of the city literally means "Three Rivers". Sanhe has 10 towns and 395 villages within those towns.

Sanhe city, Dachang Hui Autonomous County and Xianghe County form the Sanhe Exclave, an exclave of Hebei province surrounded by the Beijing and Tianjin municipalities.

Administrative divisions

Sanhe has 10 towns:[1]


On September 2, 1679, Sanhe was virtually destroyed by a major earthquake.

In February, 2013 German television crew from ARD was attacked by a group of men in vehicles and their van driven off the road after filming in Sanhe. The windshield of the van was broken with baseball bats. One of the vehicles involved in the attack was identified as belong to the local Communist party boss. The crew taken into custody and questioned for 16 hours then released. The men from Sanhe said they were offended because the crew did not ask for permission to film.[2]


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