Paul-François-Marie Goethals, S.J. (11 November 1832, Kortrijk, Belgium
— 4 July 1901, Calcutta, India), was a Belgian Jesuit priest, missionary in British India
and the first Archbishop of Calcutta.


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Early years and Formation[edit] Paul-François-Marie Goethals was born in Kortrijk, Belgium, into an influential and politically active family. His father, Ferdinand Goethals (1786–1860), was member of the founding National Congress of Belgium
of 1831. Paul did his secondary studies at Collège Saint-Servais, a Jesuit
high school in Liège, Belgium. After joining the Society of Jesus
Society of Jesus
he did his philosophical studies in Namur (1856–1857) and theology at the Catholic University of Leuven (1863–1867), both in Belgium. Rector and Provincial[edit] Goethals was the Rector of the second Collège Saint-Michel, a Jesuit high School in Brussels
(1868–1869) and soon afterwards the Provincial Superior of the Belgian Jesuits (1870–1876). Then he was the Rector of another Jesuit
high school, this time in Namur at Collège Notre-Dame de la Paix, where the University of Namur now stands. Everything seemed to have him destined for a successful administration career in Jesuit
educational institutions. However, his destiny was changed when, because of his combination of leadership qualities and good knowledge of English, he was chosen as Apostolic Vicar of Calcutta. The Bengal
mission was at that time entrusted to the Belgian Jesuits. Archbishop of Calcutta[edit] Goethals arrived in Calcutta, as the Vicar Apostolic, on 4 November 1878. When the Catholic hierarchy
Catholic hierarchy
was established in India
(1 September 1886), he became the first Archbishop of Calcutta. The 23 years with Archbishop Goethals at the helm were years of development and consolidation of the Catholic Church
Catholic Church
in East India, with the establishment of the Jesuit
Theologate (now the Vidyajyoti College of Theology) in Kurseong, near Darjeeling
(1889), the arrival of numerous religious congregations who opened missions, schools and dispensaries. He is also the founder of the first indigenous religious congregation of women, the Daughters of St Anne, in 1899. Goethals actively encouraged evangelization and education in the Chota Nagpur Plateau of Central India
and was an effective help to Constant Lievens's work among the Mundas, Oraons
and Kharias in the future state of Jharkhand. In and around Darjeeling, in the foothills of the Himalayas, he also opened new missionary centres and backed the Jesuits’ foundation of the St Joseph High School in Darjeeling. A boarding school in Kurseong
keeps his memory alive with the name of Goethals Memorial School. In Calcutta, Archbishop Goethals started a Catholic printing press, establishes several new parishes and gathered a collection of more than 6000 books on India
(religions, geography, travels, culture and languages) that became the nucleus of the present Goethals Indian Library and Research Centre (attached to St. Xavier's College, Calcutta). The Archbishop was always intellectually open and quite active in the cultural and social life of the city. At one time, he was the president of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, an association of scholars (founded by William Jones) devoted to promoting a better knowledge and appreciation of Indian languages and civilisations. He died in Calcutta
on 4 June 1901. Legacy[edit]

Entrance of Goethals Memorial School, Kurseong

Goethals Memorial School[edit] Goethals Memorial School
Goethals Memorial School
is a boarding school in Kurseong. It was founded in 1907 and was named after Paul Goethals.[1] Goethals Library[edit] Goethals library is located above the chapel of St. Xavier's College, Kolkata. In 1908 the college received a large collection of rare books, periodical and journals from Archbishop of Calcutta
Paul Goethals. These well preserved collections are made into a library and named after Paul Goethals.[2] References[edit]

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External links[edit]

(in English) Official website of the Goethals Memorial School, Kurseong (in English) Official website of the Goethals Indian Library and Research Center, Calcutta


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missionaries and British government officials, November 1889-March 1890 (Bangalore: Redemptorist Publications, 1975) (in French) Henri Josson, S.J., La Mission du Bengale occidental ou Archidiocèse de Calcutta. Province belge de la Compagnie de Jésus [The Mission of the West Bengal
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Catholic Church
Catholic Church

Preceded by Walter Steins, S.J. 5th Vicar Apostolic of Western Bengal 1877–1886 Succeeded by none

Preceded by none 1st Archbishop of Calcutta 1886–1901 Succeeded by Brice Me