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The Mariana and Palau
Islands campaign, also known as Operation Forager, was an offensive launched by United States
United States
forces against Imperial Japanese forces in the Mariana Islands
Mariana Islands
and Palau
in the Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean
between June and November, 1944 during the Pacific War.[1] The United States
United States
offensive, under the overall command of Chester Nimitz, followed the Gilbert and Marshall Islands campaign
Gilbert and Marshall Islands campaign
and was intended to neutralize Japanese bases in the central Pacific, support the Allied drive to retake the Philippines, and provide bases for a strategic bombing campaign against Japan. Beginning the offensive, United States
United States
Marine Corps and United States Army forces, with support from the United States
United States
Navy, executed landings on Saipan in June, 1944. In response, the Imperial Japanese Navy's combined fleet sortied to attack the U.S. Navy fleet supporting the landings. In the resulting aircraft carrier Battle of the Philippine Sea (the so-called “Great Marianas Turkey Shoot”) on 19–20 June, the Japanese naval forces were decisively defeated with heavy and irreplaceable losses to their carrier-borne and land-based aircraft. Thereafter, U.S. forces executed landings on Guam and Tinian
in July, 1944. After heavy fighting, Saipan was secured in July and Guam and Tinian
in August, 1944. The U.S. then constructed airfields on Saipan and Tinian
where B-29s were based to conduct strategic bombing missions against the Japanese mainland until the end of World War II, including the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima
and Nagasaki. In the meantime, in order to secure the flank for U.S. forces preparing to attack Japanese forces in the Philippines, in September, 1944, U.S. Marine and Army forces landed on the islands of Peleliu and Angaur in Palau. After heavy and intense combat on Peleliu, the island was finally secured by U.S. forces in November, 1944. Following their landings in the Mariana and Palau
Islands, Allied forces continued their ultimately successful campaign against Japan by landing in the Philippines
in October, 1944 and the Volcano and Ryukyu Islands beginning in January, 1945.


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