There are currently 1258 genera, 156 families, 28 orders, and around 5937 recognized living species of mammal.[1] Mammalian taxonomy is in constant flux as many new species are described and recategorized within their respective genera and families. The taxonomy represented here is a compilation of the most logical and up-to-date information on mammalian taxonomy from many sources, the main ones being the HMW series and the Mammals Species of the World by Wilson and Reeder.


1 Afrosoricida 2 Artiodactyla

2.1 Suborder Ruminantia 2.2 Suborder Suina 2.3 Suborder Tylopoda 2.4 Suborder Whippomorpha

3 Carnivora

3.1 Suborder Caniformia 3.2 Suborder Feliformia

4 Cetacea

4.1 Suborder Mysticeti 4.2 Suborder Odontoceti

5 Chiroptera

5.1 Suborder Yangochiroptera 5.2 Suborder Yinpterochiroptera

6 Cingulata 7 Dasyuromorphia 8 Dermoptera 9 Didelphimorphia 10 Diprotodontia 11 Eulipotyphla 12 Hyracoidea 13 Lagomorpha 14 Macroscelidea 15 Microbiotheria 16 Monotremata 17 Notoryctemorphia 18 Paucituberculata 19 Peramelemorphia 20 Perissodactyla 21 Pholidota 22 Pilosa 23 Primates 24 Proboscidea 25 Rodentia 26 Scandentia 27 Sirenia 28 Tubulidentata 29 See also 30 References

Afrosoricida[edit] Tenrecs (Tenrecidae, included in the Suborder Tenrecomorpha) and golden moles (Chrysochloridae, included in Suborder Chrysochloridea) are part of the African radiation of mammals known as Afrotheria, and their distribution consists of Sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar. There are 55 species in 21 genera; 34 species are tenrecs and otter shrews, and the other 21 species are golden moles. tenrecs have a large diversity of species in Madagascar, with 31 species found there, while the 3 other species are found in the Central and West African Rain Forests. The 20 species of golden mole are found mostly in the East and South African Savannas and Desserts.

Family Tenrecidae tenrecs and otter shrews

Subfamily Geogalinae

Genus Geogale long-eared tenrec

Subfamily Tenrecinae

Genus Setifer greater hedgehog tenrec Genus Echinops lesser hedgehog tenrec Genus Hemicentetes streaked tenrecs Genus Tenrec common tenrec

Subfamily Oryzorictinae

Genus Microgale shrew tenrecs Genus Oryzorictes rice tenrecs Genus Limnogale web-footed tenrec

Subfamily Potamogalinae

Genus Micropotamogale otter shrews Genus Potamogale giant otter shrew

Family Chrysochloridae golden moles

Genus Chrysospalax giant golden moles Genus Calcochloris yellow golden moles Genus Eremitalpa Grant's golden mole Genus Cryptochloris cryptic golden moles Genus Chrysochloris Cape golden moles Genus Chlorotalpa forty-toothed golden moles Genus Carpitalpa Arend's golden mole Genus Neamblysomus lesser narrow-headed golden moles Genus Amblysomus narrow-headed golden moles

Artiodactyla[edit] Artiodactyla is a large order of hoofed mammals, the even-toed ungulates. They are found nearly cosmopolitan, although no species are native to Australia or Antarctica. Broken into four suborder, Tylopoda (including Camelidae), Suina (including Suidae and Tayassuidae), Whippomorpha (including Hippopotamidae), and Ruminantia, which contains two Infraorders, Tragulina (including Tragulidae) and Pecora (including Moschidae, Cervidae, Bovidae, Antilocapridae, and Giraffidae). The higher taxonomy used for this order is based primarily on the Handbook of the Mammals of the World, Volume 2 on Hoofed Mammals, including the subfamily and tribal affiliations in each family. The Order includes about 242 recognized species, along with 6 recently extinct species. Groves and Grubbs Taxonomy of Ungulates[2] is used as a minor reference for the Bovids. Suborder Ruminantia[edit]

Family Tragulidae chevrotain

Genus Hyemoschus water chevrotain Genus Moschiola spotted chevrotain Genus Tragulus common chevrotain

Family Moschidae musk deer

Genus Moschus musk deer

Family Cervidae deer

Subfamily Capreolinae

Tribe Capreolini

Genus Hydropotes Chinese water deer Genus Capreolus roe deer

Tribe Alceini

Genus Alces moose

Tribe Odocoileini

Genus Rangifer caribou Genus Odocoileus Nearctic deer Genus Ozotoceros Pampas deer Genus Blastocerus marsh deer Genus Mazama brockets Genus Hippocamelus Huemel Genus Pudu pudu

Subfamily Cervinae

Tribe Cervini

Genus Rusa rusa deer Genus Dama fallow deer Genus Axis hog deer Genus Elaphurus Père David's deer Genus Cervus typical deer

Tribe Muntiacini

Genus Muntiacus muntjacs Genus Elaphodus tufted deer

Family Bovidae hollow-horned ungulates

Subfamily Bovinae

Tribe Bovini

Genus Bison bison Genus Bos cattle Genus Bubalus Asian buffalo Genus Syncerus African buffalo Genus Pseudoryx saola

Tribe Boselaphini

Genus Boselaphus nilgai Genus Tetracerus chowsingha

Tribe Tragelaphini

Genus Tragelaphus bushbuck, bongo, nyala, kudu, and sitatunga Genus Taurotragus elands

Subfamily Aepycerotinae

Genus Aepyceros impala

Subfamily Alcelaphinae

Genus Alcelaphus hartebeest Genus Connochaetes wildebeest Genus Damaliscus topi and bontebok Genus Beatragus hirola

Subfamily Antilopinae

Tribe Neotragini

Genus Neotragus pygmy antelopes

Tribe Antilopini

Genus Raphicerus steenbok and grysbok Genus Antidorcas springbok Genus Ammodorcas dibatag Genus Litocranius gerenuk Genus Saiga saiga Genus Antilope blackbuck Genus Nanger Saharan gazelle Genus Gazella typical gazelle Genus Eudorcas side-striped gazelle Genus Dorcatragus beira Genus Madoqua dik-dik's Genus Ourebia oribi Genus Procapra Chinese gazelle

Tribe Oreotragini

Genus Oreotragus klipspringer

Subfamily Caprinae

Genus Pantholops chiru Genus Budorcas takin Genus Ammotragus Barbary sheep Genus Arabitragus Arabian tahr Genus Hemitragus Himalayan tahr Genus Pseudois blue sheep Genus Capra goats and ibexes Genus Nilgiritragus Nilgiri tahr Genus Ovis sheep Genus Rupicapra chamois Genus Nemorhaedus goral Genus Oreamnos Rocky Mountain goat Genus Capricornis serows Genus Ovibos muskox

Subfamily Cephalophinae

Genus Sylvicapra bush duiker Genus Philantomba blue duikers Genus Cephalophus typical duikers

Subfamily Hippotraginae

Genus Hippotragus sable and roan antelopes Genus Addax addax Genus Oryx oryx

Subfamily Reduncinae

Genus Redunca reedbucks Genus Kobus kobs, lechwe, and waterbucks Genus Pelea rhebok

Family Antilocapridae pronghorn

Genus Antilocapra pronghorn

Family Giraffidae giraffe and okapi

Genus Giraffa giraffe Genus Okapia okapi

Suborder Suina[edit]

Family Suidae pigs

Genus Babyrousa babirusa Genus Phacochoerus warthogs Genus Hylochoerus giant forest hog Genus Potamochoerus bushpigs Genus Sus typical pigs Genus Porcula pygmy hog

Family Tayassuidae peccaries

Genus Catagonus Chacoan peccary Genus Tayassu white-lipped peccary Genus Pecari collared peccary

Suborder Tylopoda[edit]

Family Camelidae camels and relatives

Tribe Lamini

Genus Lama guanaco Genus Vicugna vicuña

Tribe Camelini

Genus Camelus camels

Suborder Whippomorpha[edit]

Family Hippopotamidae hippopotamuses

Genus Hippopotamus common hippopotamus Genus Choeropsis pygmy hippopotamus

Carnivora[edit] The Order Carnivora is represented by 16 families of mostly carnivorous and omnivorous mammals found worldwide terrestrially and in marine waters of the poles and some areas of the tropics. Divided into 2 large Suborders, Caniformia (Canidae, Ursidae, Ailuridae, Procyonidae, Mephitidae, Mustelidae, and the Pinnipeds, Otariidae, Phocidae, and Odobenidae) and Feliformia (Nandiniidae, Felidae, Prionodontidae, Viverridae, Hyaenidae, Herpestidae, and Eupleridae), the order contains about 289 recognized species, along with 4 recently extinct species, one of which is included in its own monotypic genus, Dusicyon. Tribe and Subfamily taxonomy comes mostly from the first volume of the Handbook of the Mammals of the World on Carnivores for the terrestrial species, and the 4th volume on Marine Mammals for the 3 marine families. Suborder Caniformia[edit]

Family Canidae dogs

Genus Canis wolves and jackals Genus Lycaon African wild dog Genus Cuon dhole Genus Lycalopex Neotropical foxes Genus †Dusicyon Darwin's wolf Genus Chrysocyon maned wolf Genus Speothos bush dog Genus Atelocynus short-eared dog Genus Cerdocyon crab-eating fox Genus Vulpes typical foxes Genus Otocyon bat-eared fox Genus Nyctereutes raccoon dog Genus Urocyon gray foxes

Family Ursidae bears

Subfamily Ailuropodinae

Genus Ailuropoda giant panda

Subfamily Tremarctinae

Genus Tremarctos Andean bear

Subfamily Ursinae

Genus Helarctos sun bear Genus Melursus sloth bear Genus Ursus Holarctic bears

Family Ailuridae red panda

Genus Ailurus red panda

Family Procyonidae raccoons and relatives

Genus Nasuella mountain coati Genus Nasua coatis Genus Procyon raccoons Genus Potos kinkajou Genus Bassaricyon olingos Genus Bassariscus ringtails

Family Mephitidae skunks and stink badgers

Subfamily Myadinae

Genus Mydaus stink badgers

Subfamily Mephitinae

Genus Spilogale spotted skunks Genus Mephitis striped and hooded skunks Genus Conepatus hog-nosed skunks

Family Mustelidae weasels, badgers, and otters

Subfamily Melinae

Genus Meles Eurasian badgers Genus Arctonyx hog badgers

Subfamily Taxidiinae

Genus Taxidea American badger

Subfamily Mellivorinae

Genus Mellivora honey badger

Subfamily Martinae

Genus Gulo wolverine Genus Eira tayra Genus Martes martens

Subfamily Helictidinae

Genus Melogale ferret-badgers

Subfamily Galictidinae

Genus Galictis grison Genus Vormela marbled polecat Genus Ictonyx striped polecats Genus Poecilogale African striped weasel

Subfamily Mustelinae

Genus Lyncodon Patagonian weasel Genus Neovison American minks Genus Mustela weasels

Subfamily Lutrinae

Genus Pteronura giant otter Genus Lontra New World otters Genus Enhydra sea otter Genus Hydrictis spotted-necked otter Genus Lutra Eurasian otters Genus Aonyx clawless otters Genus Lutrogale smooth-coated otter

Family Odobenidae walrus

Genus Odobenus walrus

Family Otariidae eared seals

Genus Callorhinus northern fur seal Genus Arctocephalus southern fur seals Genus Neophoca Australian sea lion Genus Phocarctos New Zealand sea lion Genus Otaria South American sea lion Genus Eumetopias Steller sea lion Genus Zalophus northern sea lions

Family Phocidae earless seals

Genus Monachus Mediterranean monk seal Genus Neomonachus Hawaiian and Caribbean monk seals Genus Mirounga elephant seals Genus Hydrurga leopard seal Genus Leptonychotes Weddell seal Genus Lobodon crabeater seal Genus Ommatophoca Ross seal Genus Erignathus bearded seal Genus Cystophora hooded seal Genus Halichoerus gray seal Genus Histriophoca ribbon seal Genus Pagophilus harp seal Genus Phoca harbor and spotted seal Genus Pusa ringed and inland seals

Suborder Feliformia[edit]

Family Nandiniidae African palm civet

Genus Nandinia African palm civet

Family Felidae cats

Subfamily Pantherinae

Genus Neofelis clouded leopards Genus Panthera large cats

Subfamily Felinae

Genus Puma puma and jaguarundi Genus Acinonyx cheetah Genus Lynx lynxes Genus Leopardus Neotropical small cats Genus Caracal caracal Genus Profelis African golden cat Genus Leptailurus serval Genus Pardofelis marbled and Asian golden cats Genus Otocolobus Pallas's cat Genus Felis typical small cats Genus Prionailurus South Asian small cats

Family Prionodontidae Asian linsangs

Genus Prionodon linsangs

Family Viverridae civets, genets, and oyans

Subfamily Viverrinae

Genus Viverricula small Indian civet Genus Viverra civets Genus Civettictis African civet

Subfamily Genettinae

Genus Poiana oyans Genus Genetta genets

Subfamily Hemigalinae

Genus Cynogale otter civet Genus Chrotogale Owston's palm civet Genus Hemigalus banded palm civet Genus Diplogale Hose's palm civet

Subfamily Paradoxurinae

Genus Paradoxurus Asian and golden palm civets Genus Paguma masked palm civet Genus Arctogalidia small-toothed palm civet Genus Macrogalidia Sulawesi palm civet Genus Arctictis binturong

Family Hyaenidae hyenas

Subfamily Protelinae

Genus Proteles aardwolf

Subfamily Hyaeninae

Genus Crocuta spotted hyena Genus Hyaena brown and striped hyenas

Family Herpestidae mongooses

Subfamily Mungotinae

Genus Crossarchus cusimanse Genus Liberiictis Liberian mongoose Genus Suricata meerkat Genus Dologale Pousargues's mongoose Genus Helogale dwarf mongooses Genus Mungos Gambian and banded mongooses

Subfamily Herpestinae

Genus Atilax marsh mongoose Genus Xenogale long-nosed mongoose Genus Herpestes typical mongooses Genus Galerella slender mongooses Genus Cynictis yellow mongoose Genus Paracynictis Selous's mongoose Genus Bdeogale bushy-tailed mongooses Genus Ichneumia white-tailed mongoose Genus Rhynchogale Meller's mongoose

Family Eupleridae Malagasy carnivores

Subfamily Euplerinae

Genus Cryptoprocta fossa Genus Eupleres falanouc Genus Fossa spotted fanaloka

Subfamily Galidiinae

Genus Galidia ring-tailed vontsira Genus Galidictis striped vontsira Genus Mungotictis narrow-striped boky Genus Salanoia brown vontsira

Cetacea[edit] See also: List of cetacean species Cetacea is the largest order of marine mammal, with 92 extant species (one of which, the baiji, may be extinct), and is found in every ocean on the planet along with many inland rivers systems. The order is split into to Suborder, Mysticeti (including Balaenidae, Neobalaenidae, Eschrichtiidae, and Balaenopteridae) and Odontoceti (including Physeteridae, Kogiidae, Ziphiidae, Platanistidae, Iniidae, Lipotidae, Pontoporiidae, Monodontidae, Delphinidae, and Phocoenidae), which include a total of 14 families, most of which have few representative species. The taxonomy here is exemplified by the 4th volume of the Handbook of the Mammals of the World on Marine Mammals. Suborder Mysticeti[edit]

Family Balaenidae right and bowhead whales

Genus Eubalaena right whales Genus Balaena bowhead whale

Family Cetotheriidae pygmy right whale

Genus Caperea pygmy right whale

Family Eschrichtiidae gray whale

Genus Eschrichtius gray whale

Family Balaenopteridae rorquals

Genus Megaptera humpback whale Genus Balaenoptera rorquals

Suborder Odontoceti[edit]

Family Physeteridae sperm whale

Genus Physeter sperm whale

Family Kogiidae pygmy and dwarf sperm whales

Genus Kogia pygmy and dwarf sperm whales

Family Ziphiidae beaked whales

Genus Berardius giant beaked whales Genus Ziphius Cuvier's beaked whale Genus Hyperoodon bottlenose whales Genus Tasmacetus Shepherd's beaked whale Genus Indopacetus longman's beaked whale Genus Mesoplodon mesoplodont beaked whales

Family Platanistidae South Asian river dolphin

Genus Platanista South Asian river dolphin

Family Iniidae Amazon river dolphins

Genus Inia Amazon river dolphins

Family Lipotidae baiji

Genus Lipotes baiji

Family Pontoporiidae Franciscana

Genus Pontoporia Franciscana

Family Monodontidae narwhal and beluga

Genus Delphinapterus beluga Genus Monodon narwhal

Family Delphinidae oceanic dolphins

Genus Lagenorhynchus white-sided dolphins Genus Orcaella snubfin dolphins Genus Orcinus killer whale Genus Delphinus common dolphins Genus Lagenodelphis Fraser's dolphin Genus Sotalia tucuxi and Guiana dolphin Genus Sousa humpback dolphins Genus Stenella striped, spotted, and spinner dolphins Genus Steno rough-toothed dolphin Genus Tursiops bottlenose dolphins Genus Globicephala pilot whales Genus Feresa pygmy killer whale Genus Grampus Risso's dolphin Genus Peponocephala melon-headed whale Genus Pseudorca false killer whale Genus Lissodelphis right whale dolphins Genus Cephalorhynchus Antarctic dolphins

Family Phocoenidae porpoises

Genus Neophocaena finless porpoises Genus Phocoenoides Dall's porpoise Genus Phocoena typical porpoises

Chiroptera[edit] Main article: List of bats The order Chiroptera comprises bats and is the second largest order of mammals, containing about 1,240 species of bats, which is around 20% of all mammal species. Suborder Yangochiroptera[edit]

Family Emballonuridae - Sac-winged bats

Genus Balantiopteryx Genus Centronycteris - Shaggy bats Genus Coleura Genus Cormura - Chestnut sac-winged bat Genus Cyttarops - Short-eared bat Genus Diclidurus - Ghost bats Genus Emballonura - Sheath-tailed bats Genus Mosia - Dark sheath-tailed bat Genus Paremballonura - Peter's sheath-tailed bat Genus Peropteryx - Dog-like bats Genus Rhynchonycteris - Proboscis bat Genus Saccolaimus - Pouched bats Genus Saccopteryx Genus Taphozous - Tomb bats

Family Furipteridae

Genus Amorphochilus - Smoky bat Genus Furipterus - Thumbless bat

Family Molossidae - Free-tailed bats

Genus Austronomus - White-striped free-tailed bat Genus Chaerephon - Lesser mastiff bats Genus Cheiromeles - Naked bats Genus Cynomops - Dog-faced bats Genus Eumops - Bonneted bats Genus Mormopterus Genus Molossops - Broad-faced bats Genus Molossus - Velvety free-tailed bats Genus Mops - Greater mastiff bats Genus Myopterus - African free-tailed bats Genus Nyctinomops - New World free-tailed bats Genus Otomops - Big-eared free-tailed bats Genus Platymops - Peters's flat-headed bat Genus Promops - Domed-palate mastiff bats Genus Sauromys - Roberts's flat-headed bat Genus Tadarida - Common free-tailed bats Genus Tomopeas - Blunt-eared bat

Family Mormoopidae

Genus Mormoops - Ghost-faced bats Genus Pteronotus - Mustached bats and naked-backed bats

Family Mystacinidae - New Zealand short-tailed bats

Genus Mystacina

Family Myzopodidae - Sucker-footed bats

Genus Myzopoda

Family Natalidae - Funnel-eared bats

Genus Chilonatalus Genus Natalus Genus Nyctiellus - Gervais's funnel-eared bat Genus Primonatalus - Primonatalus prattae

Family Noctilionidae - Bulldog bats

Genus Noctilio

Family Nycteridae - Hollow-faced bats

Genus Nycteris

Family Phyllostomidae - Leaf-nosed bats

Subphylum Brachyphyllinae

Genus Brachyphylla

Subphylum Carolliinae

Genus Carollia - Short-tailed leaf-nosed bats Genus Rhinophylla - Little fruit bats

Subphylum Desmodontinae - Vampire bats

Genus Desmodus Genus Diaemus - White-winged vampire bat Genus Diphylla - Hairy-legged vampire bat

Subphylum Glossophaginae

Genus Anoura - Geoffroy's long-nosed bats Genus Choeroniscus Genus Choeronycteris - Mexican long-tongued bat Genus Glossophaga - Various long-tongued bats Genus Hylonycteris - Underwood's long-tongued bat Genus Leptonycteris - Saussure's long-nosed bats Genus Lichonycteris - Dark long-tongued bat Genus Lionycteris - Chestnut long-tongued bat Genus Lonchophylla - Nectar bats Genus Monophyllus - Antillean long-tongued bats Genus Musonycteris - Banana bat Genus Platalina - Long-snouted bat Genus Scleronycteris - Ega long-tongued bat Genus Xeronycteris - Vieira's long-tongued bat

Subphylum Phyllonycterinae

Genus Erophylla - Brown flower bats Genus Phyllonycteris - Jamaican flower bats

Subphylum Phyllostominae

Genus Chrotopterus - Big-eared woolly bat Genus Glyphonycteris Genus Lampronycteris - Yellow-throated big-eared bat Genus Lonchorhina - Sword-nosed bats Genus Lophostoma - Some round-eared bats Genus Macrophyllum - Long-legged bat Genus Macrotus - Leaf-nosed bats Genus Micronycteris - Little big-eared bats Genus Mimon - Gray's spear-nosed bats Genus Neonycteris - Least big-eared bat Genus Phylloderma - Pale-faced bat Genus Phyllostomus - spear-nosed bats Genus Tonatia - More round-eared bats Genus Trachops - Fringe-lipped bat Genus Trinycteris - Niceforo's big-eared bat Genus Vampyrum - Spectral bat

Subphylum Stenodermatinae

Genus Ametrida - Little white-shouldered bat Genus Ardops - Tree bat Genus Ariteus - Jamaican fig-eating bat Genus Artibeus - Neotropical fruit bats Genus Centurio - Wrinkle-faced bat Genus Chiroderma - Big-eyed bats Genus Ectophylla - Honduran white bat Genus Enchisthenes - Velvety fruit-eating bat Genus Mesophylla - MacConnell's bat Genus Phyllops - Cuban fig-eating bat Genus Platyrrhinus - Broad-nosed bats Genus Pygoderma - Ipanema bat Genus Sphaeronycteris - Visored bat Genus Stenoderma - Red fruit bat Genus Sturnira - Yellow-shouldered bats Genus Uroderma - Tent-making bats Genus Vampyressa - Yellow-eared bats Genus Vampyrodes - Great stripe-faced bat

Family Thyropteridae - Disk-winged bats

Genus Thyroptera

Family Vespertilionidae - Vesper bats

Subfamily Kerivoulinae

Genus Kerivoula - Painted bats Genus Phoniscus - Trumpet-eared bats

Subfamily Murininae

Genus Harpiocephalus – Hairy-winged bats Genus Harpiola Genus Murina – Tube-nosed insectivorous bats

Subfamily Myotinae

Genus Cistugo - Wing-gland bats (sometimes placed in separate family: Cistugidae) Genus Myotis - Mouse-eared bats Genus Lasionycteris - Silver-haired bat (sometimes placed in its own subfamily)

Subfamily Vespertilioninae

Genus Arielulus Genus Barbastella – Barbastelles Genus Chalinolobus – Wattled bats Genus Corynorhinus – American lump-nosed bats Genus Eptesicus – House bats Genus Euderma - Spotted bat Genus Eudiscopus - Disk-footed bat Genus Falsistrellus Genus Glauconycteris – Butterfly bats Genus Glischropus – Thick-thumbed bats Genus Hesperoptenus – False serotine bats Genus Histiotus – Big-eared brown bats Genus Hypsugo – Asian pipistrelles Genus Ia - Great evening bat Genus Idionycteris - Allen's big-eared bat Genus Laephotis – Long-eared bats Genus Lasiurus – Hairy-tailed bats Genus Mimetillus - Moloney's mimic bat Genus Neoromicia Genus Nyctalus – Noctule bats Genus Nycticeinops - Schlieffen's bat Genus Nycticeius – evening bats Genus Nyctophilus – New Guinean and Australian big-eared bats Genus Otonycteris - Desert long-eared bat Genus Parastrellus - Western pipistrelle Genus Perimyotis - Eastern pipistrelle Genus Pharotis - New Guinea big-eared bat Genus Philetor - Rohu's bat Genus Pipistrellus – Some of the pipistrelle bats Genus Plecotus – Lump-nosed bats Genus Rhogeessa - Rhogeessa bats Genus Scoteanax - Rüppell's broad-nosed bat Genus Scotoecus - House bats Genus Scotomanes - Harlequin bat Genus Scotophilus – Yellow bats Genus Scotorepens - Lesser broad-nosed bats Genus Scotozous - Dormer's bat Genus Tylonycteris – Bamboo bats Genus Vespadelus - Includes forest bats Genus Vespertilio – Frosted bats

Suborder Yinpterochiroptera[edit]

Family Craseonycteridae - Kitti's hog-nosed bat (also known as the bumblebee bat)

Genus Craseonycteris

Family Hipposideridae - Old World leaf-nosed bats

Genus Anthops - Flower-faced bat Genus Asellia Genus Aselliscus - 3 trident bat species Genus Cloeotis - Percival's trident bat Genus Coelops - Tailless leaf-nosed bats Genus Hipposideros - Roundleaf bats Genus Paracoelops - Pomona roundleaf bat Genus Paratriaenops Genus Rhinonicteris - Orange leaf-nosed bat Genus Triaenops

Family Megadermatidae - False vampire bats

Genus Cardioderma - Heart-nosed bat Genus Lavia - Yellow-winged bat Genus Macroderma - Ghost bat Genus Megaderma - Lesser and greater false vampire bats Genus Eudiscoderma - Thongaree’s disc-nosed bat

Family Pteropodidae - Megabats

Subfamily Cynopterinae

Genus Aethalops – Pygmy fruit bats Genus Alionycteris - Mindanao pygmy fruit bat Genus Balionycteris - Spot-winged fruit bat Genus Chironax - Black-capped fruit bat Genus Cynopterus – Short-nosed fruit bats Genus Dyacopterus – Dayak fruit bats Genus Haplonycteris - Fischer's pygmy fruit bat Genus Latidens - Salim Ali's fruit bat Genus Megaerops Genus Otopteropus - Luzon fruit bat Genus Penthetor - Dusky fruit bat Genus Ptenochirus – Musky fruit bats Genus Sphaerias - Blanford's fruit bat Genus Thoopterus - Swift fruit bat

Subfamily Epomophorinae

Genus Casinycteris - Short-palated fruit bat Genus Epomophorus – Epauletted fruit bats Genus Epomops – Epauletted bats Genus Hypsignathus - Hammer-headed bat Genus Lissonycteris - Angolan rousette Genus Megaloglossus - Woermann's bat Genus Micropteropus – Dwarf epauletted bats Genus Myonycteris – Little collared fruit bats Genus Nanonycteris - Veldkamp's dwarf epauletted fruit bat Genus Plerotes - D'Anchieta's fruit bat Genus Scotonycteris

Subfamily Harpiyonycterinae

Genus Aproteles - Bulmer's fruit bat Genus Dobsonia – Naked-backed fruit bats Genus Harpyionycteris - Harpy fruit bats

Subfamily Macroglossinae

Genus Macroglossus – long-tongued fruit bats Genus Melonycteris Genus Notopteris – long-tailed fruit bats Genus Syconycteris – blossom bats

Subfamily Nyctimeninae

Genus Nyctimene – Tube-nosed fruit bats Genus Paranyctimene

Subfamily Pteropodinae

Genus Acerodon Genus Desmalopex - White-winged flying foxes Genus Eidolon – Straw-coloured fruit bats Genus Mirimiri - Fijian monkey-faced bat Genus Neopteryx - Small-toothed fruit bat Genus Pteralopex - Monkey-faced bats Genus Pteropus – Flying foxes

Subfamily Rousettinae

Genus Eonycteris – Dawn fruit bats Genus Styloctenium - Stripe-faced fruit bats Genus Rousettus – Rousette fruit bats

Family Rhinolophidae - Horseshoe bats

Genus Rhinolophus

Family Rhinopomatidae - Mouse-tailed bats

Genus Rhinopoma


Family Chlamyphoridae - Fairy armadillos, giant armadillos, and more

Subfamily Chlamyphorinae - Fairy armadillos

Genus Calyptophractus - Greater fairy armadillo Genus Chlamyphorus - Pink fairy armadillo

Subfamily Euphractinae

Genus Chaetophractus - Hairy armadillo Genus Euphractus - Six-banded armadillo Genus Zaedyus - Pichi

Subfamily Tolypeutinae

Genus Cabassous - Naked-tailed armadillos Genus Priodontes - Giant armadillo Genus Tolypeutes - Three-banded armadillos

Family Dasypodidae

Genus Dasypus - Long-nosed armadillos

Dasyuromorphia[edit] The order Dasyuromorphia (meaning "hairy tail") comprises most of the Australian carnivorous marsupials, including quolls, dunnarts,the numbat, the Tasmanian devil, and the thylacine. There are 73 living species in this order, 72 of which belong to the family Dasyuridae and the numbat, of the family Myrmecobiidae.

Family Dasyuridae - Sometimes known as marsupial mice

Genus Antechinomys - Kultarr Genus Antechinus - Pouched mice Genus Dasycercus - Mulgaras Genus Dasykaluta - Little red kaluta Genus Dasyuroides - Kowari Genus Dasyurus - Quolls Genus Micromurexia - Habbema dasyure Genus Murexechinus - Black-tailed dasyure Genus Murexia - Short-furred dasyure Genus Myoictis - Three-striped dasyures Genus Neophascogale - Speckled dasyures Genus Ningaui - Ningauis Genus Paramurexia - Broad-striped dasyure Genus Parantechinus - Dibbler Genus Phascogale - Phascogales, or wambengers Genus Phascolosorex - Marsupial shrews Genus Phascomurexia - Long-nosed dasyure Genus Planigale - Planigales Genus Pseudantechinus - False antechinuses Genus Sarcophilus - Tasmanian devil Genus Sminthopsis - Dunnarts

Family Myrmecobiidae

Genus Myrmecobius - Numbat

Dermoptera[edit] Colugos are arboreal gliding mammals found in Southeast Asia. Just two extant species, the sunda flying lemur and the philippine flying lemur, make up the entire order Dermoptera.

Family Cynocephalidae - Colugos, or flying lemurs

Genus Cynocephalus - Philippine flying lemur Genus Galeopterus - Sunda flying lemur


Caluromys Caluromysiops Chacodelphys Chironectes Cryptonanus Didelphis Glironia Gracilinanus Hyladelphys Lestodelphys Lutreolina Marmosa Marmosops Metachirus Monodelphis Philander Thylamys Tlacuatzin


Acrobates Aepyprymnus Ailurops Bettongia Burramys Cercartetus Dactylopsila Dendrolagus Distoechurus Dorcopsis Dorcopsulus Gymnobelideus Hemibelideus Hypsiprymnodon Lagorchestes Lagostrophus Lasiorhinus Macropus Onychogalea Petauroides Petaurus Petrogale Petropseudes Phalanger Phascolarctos Potorous Pseudocheirus Pseudochirops Pseudochirulus Setonix Spilocuscus Strigocuscus Tarsipes Thylogale Trichosurus Vombatus Wallabia Wyulda


Anourosorex Atelerix Blarina Blarinella Chimarrogale Chodsigoa Condylura Congosorex Crocidura Cryptotis Desmana Diplomesodon Dymecodon Echinosorex Episoriculus Erinaceus Euroscaptor Feroculus Galemys Hemiechinus Hylomys Megasorex Mesechinus Mogera Myosorex Nectogale Neohylomys Neomys Neotetracus Neurotrichus Notiosorex Paracrocidura Paraechinus Parascalops Parascaptor Podogymnura Ruwenzorisorex Scalopus Scapanulus Scapanus Scaptochirus Scaptonyx Scutisorex Solenodon Solisorex Sorex Soriculus Suncus Surdisorex Sylvisorex Talpa Uropsilus Urotrichus


Dendrohyrax Heterohyrax Procavia


Brachylagus Bunolagus Caprolagus Lepus Nesolagus Ochotona Oryctolagus Pentalagus Poelagus Pronolagus Romerolagus Sylvilagus


Elephantulus Macroscelides Petrodromus Rhynchocyon




Ornithorhynchus Tachyglossus Zaglossus




Caenolestes Lestoros Rhyncholestes


Echymipera Isoodon Macrotis Microperoryctes Perameles Peroryctes Rhynchomeles


Equus Ceratotherium Dicerorhinus Diceros Rhinoceros Tapirus




Bradypus Choloepus Cyclopes Myrmecophaga Tamandua[3]


Allenopithecus Allocebus Allochrocebus Alouatta Aotus Arctocebus Ateles Avahi Brachyteles Cacajao Callibella Callicebus Callimico Callithrix Carlito Cebuella Cebus Cephalopachus Cercocebus Cercopithecus Cheirogaleus Chiropotes Chlorocebus Colobus Daubentonia Erythrocebus Eulemur Euoticus Galago Gorilla Hapalemur Homo Hoolock Hylobates Indri Lagothrix Lemur Leontopithecus Lepilemur Lophocebus Loris Macaca Mandrillus Mico Microcebus Miopithecus Mirza Nasalis Nomascus Nycticebus Pongo Oreonax Otolemur Pan Papio Perodicticus Phaner Piliocolobus Pithecia Presbytis Procolobus Prolemur Propithecus Pseudopotto Pygathrix Rhinopithecus Rungwecebus Saguinus Saimiri Scuirocheirus Semnopithecus Simias Symphalangus Tarsius Theropithecus Trachypithecus Varecia


Elephas Loxodonta


Abditomys Abeomelomys Abrawayaomys Abrocoma Abrothrix Acomys Aconaemys Aegialomys Aepeomys Aeretes Aeromys Aethomys Akodon Allactaga Allactodipus Allocricetulus Alticola Ammodillus Ammospermophilus Amphinectomys Andalgalomys Andinomys Anisomys Anomalurus Anonymomys Anotomys Aplodontia Apodemus Apomys Arborimus Archboldomys Arvicanthis Arvicola Atherurus Atlantoxerus Auliscomys Baiomys Baiyankamys Bandicota Bathyergus Batomys Beamys Castor Belomys Berylmys Bibimys Biswamoyopterus Blanfordimys Blarinomys Brachiones Brachytarsomys Brachyuromys Brucepattersonius Bullimus Bunomys Callistomys Callosciurus Calomys Calomyscus Cannomys Cansumys Capromys Cardiocranius Carpomys Carterodon Caryomys Cavia Cerradomys Chaetocauda Chaetodipus Chaetomys Chelemys Chibchanomys Chilomys Chinchilla Chinchillula Chionomys Chiromyscus Chiropodomys Chiruromys Chrotomys Clyomys Coccymys Coendou Colomys Conilurus Crateromys Cratogeomys Cremnomys Cricetomys Cricetulus Cricetus Crossomys Crunomys Cryptomys Ctenodactylus Ctenomys Cuscomys Cynomys Dacnomys Dactylomys Dasymys Dasyprocta Delanymys Delomys Deltamys Dendromus Dendroprionomys Deomys Dephomys Desmodilliscus Desmodillus Desmomys Dicrostonyx Dinaromys Dinomys Diomys Diplomys Diplothrix Dipodillus Dipodomys Dipus Dolichotis Dremomys Drymoreomys Dryomys Echimys Echiothrix Eligmodontia Eliomys Eliurus Ellobius Eoglaucomys Eolagurus Eospalax Eothenomys Eozapus Epixerus Eremodipus Eremoryzomys Erethizon Eropeplus Euchoreutes Euneomys Eupetaurus Euryoryzomys Euryzygomatomys Eutamias Exilisciurus Felovia Fukomys Funambulus Funisciurus Galea Galenomys Geocapromys Geomys Georychus Geoxus Gerbilliscus Gerbillurus Gerbillus Glaucomys Glirulus Glis Glyphotes Golunda Grammomys Graomys Graphiurus Gymnuromys Habromys Hadromys Haeromys Handleyomys Hapalomys Heimyscus Heliophobius Heliosciurus Heterocephalus Heteromys Hodomys Holochilus Hoplomys Hybomys Hydrochoerus Hydromys Hylaeamys Hylomyscus Hylopetes Hyomys Hyosciurus Hyperacrius Hypogeomys Hystrix Ichthyomys Idiurus Iomys Irenomys Isothrix Isthmomys Jaculus Juliomys Juscelinomys Kadarsanomys Kannabateomys Kerodon Komodomys Kunsia Lagidium Lagostomus Lagurus Lamottemys Laonastes Lariscus Lasiopodomys Leggadina Leimacomys Leimacomys Lemmiscus Lemmus Lemniscomys Lenomys Lenothrix Lenoxus Leopoldamys Leporillus Leptomys Limnomys Lonchothrix Lophiomys Lophuromys Lorentzimys Loxodontomys Lundomys Macrotarsomys Macruromys Madromys Makalata Malacomys Malacothrix Mallomys Mammelomys Margaretamys Marmota Massoutiera Mastacomys Mastomys Maxomys Megadendromus Megadontomys Melanomys Melasmothrix Melomys Menetes Meriones Mesembriomys Mesocapromys Mesocricetus Mesomys Micaelamys Microakodontomys Microcavia Microdillus Microdipodops Microhydromys Micromys Microryzomys Microsciurus Microtus Millardia Mindomys Mirzamys Monticolomys Muriculus Mus Muscardinus Musseromys Mylomys Myocastor Myodes Myomimus Myomyscus Myoprocta Myopus Myosciurus Myospalax Myotomys Mysateles Mystromys Nannosciurus Napaeozapus Neacomys Necromys Nectomys Nelsonia Neodon Neofiber Neotamias Neotoma Neotomodon Neotomys Nephelomys Nesokia Nesomys Nesoromys Nesoryzomys Neusticomys Nilopegamys Niviventer Notiomys Notocitellus Notomys Nyctomys Ochrotomys Octodon Octodontomys Octomys Oecomys Oenomys Olallamys Oligoryzomys Ondatra Onychomys Oreoryzomys Orthogeomys Oryzomys Osgoodomys Otomys Otonyctomys Otospermophilus Ototylomys Oxymycterus Cuniculus Pachyuromys Palawanomys Papagomys Pappogeomys Paradipus Parahydromys Paraleptomys Paralomys Paramelomys Paraxerus Parotomys Paruromys Pattonomys Paucidentomys Paulamys Pearsonomys Pectinator Pedetes Pelomys Perognathus Peromyscus Petaurillus Petaurista Petinomys Petromus Petromyscus Phaenomys Phaiomys Phenacomys Phloeomys Phodopus Phyllomys Phyllotis Pipanacoctomys Pithecheir Pithecheirops Plagiodontia Platacanthomys Podomys Podoxymys Pogonomelomys Pogonomys Poliocitellus Praomys Prionomys Proechimys Proedromys Prometheomys Prosciurillus Protochromys Protoxerus Psammomys Pseudohydromys Pseudomys Pseudoryzomys Pteromys Pteromyscus Punomys Pygeretmus Rattus Ratufa Reithrodon Reithrodontomys Rhabdomys Rhagomys Rheithrosciurus Rheomys Rhinosciurus Rhipidomys Rhizomys Rhombomys Rhynchomys Rubrisciurus Saccostomus Salinoctomys Salinomys Salpingotulus Salpingotus Saxatilomys Scapteromys Sciurillus Sciurotamias Sciurus Scolomys Scotinomys Sekeetamys Selevinia Sicista Sigmodon Sigmodontomys Solomys Sommeromys Sooretamys Spalacopus Spalax Spermophilopsis Spermophilus Srilankamys Steatomys Stenocephalemys Stochomys Stylodipus Sundamys Sundasciurus Synaptomys Syntheosciurus Tachyoryctes Taeromys Tamias Tamiasciurus Tamiops Tapecomys Tarsomys Tateomys Tatera Taterillus Thallomys Thalpomys Thamnomys Thaptomys Thomasomys Thomomys Thrichomys Thryonomys Tokudaia Tonkinomys Toromys Transandinomys Trichys Trinomys Trogopterus Tryphomys Tscherskia Tylomys Tympanoctomys Typhlomys Uranomys Uromys Vandeleuria Vernaya Voalavo Volemys Waiomys Wiedomys Wilfredomys Xenomys Xenuromys Xeromys Xerospermophilus Xerus Zapus Zelotomys Zenkerella Zygodontomys Zygogeomys Zyzomys


Anathana Dendrogale Ptilocercus Tupaia Urogale


Dugong Trichechus



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