This is a chronological, but still incomplete, list of United States federal legislation. Congress has enacted approximately 200–600 statutes during each of its 115 biennial terms, so that more than 20,000 statutes have been enacted since 1789. At the federal level in the United States, legislation (i.e., "statutes" or "statutory law") consists exclusively of Acts passed by the Congress of the United States
Congress of the United States
and its predecessor, the Continental Congress, that were either signed into law by the President or passed by Congress after a presidential veto. Legislation is not the only source of regulations with the force of law. However, most executive branch and Judicial Branch[citation needed] regulations must originate in a congressional grant of power. See also: Executive orders of the President; regulations of Executive branch departments and administrative agencies; and the procedural rules of the federal courts.


1 Publication of the law

1.1 Statutes at Large (Stat.) 1.2 Sessions (Sess.) and Chapters (ch.) 1.3 Examples

2 Congress of the Confederation 3 United States Congress

3.1 1789 to 1901: 1st through 56th Congresses 3.2 1901 to 2001: 57th through 106th Congresses 3.3 2001 to present: 107th and subsequent Congresses

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Publication of the law[edit] Statutes at Large (Stat.)[edit] Acts of Congress are published in the United States Statutes at Large. Volumes 1 through 18, which have all the statutes passed from 1789 to 1875, are available on-line at the Library of Congress, here. In the list below, statutes are listed by X Stat. Y, where X is the volume of the Statutes at Large and Y is the page number, as well as either the chapter or Public Law number. See examples below. Sessions (Sess.) and Chapters (ch.)[edit] Each Congress has two to four sessions. Under the numbering system used from 1789 until 1957, the Acts in each session are numbered sequentially as Chapters. This numbering included both laws applicable to the general public and laws relating to specific individuals, e.g., to grant pensions to disabled veterans.[1]


The Militia Act of 1862
Militia Act of 1862
of July 17, 1862, Sess. 2, ch. 201, was the 201st Act of the second session of the 37th Congress. The National Banking Act
National Banking Act
of February 25, 1863, Sess. 3, ch. 58, was the 58th Act of the third session of the 37th Congress. The Global Anti-Semitism Review Act of 2004 of October 16, 2004, Pub.L. 108–332, 118 Stat. 1282, was the 332nd Act of Congress (statute) passed in the 108th Congress. It can be found in volume 118 of the U.S. Statutes at Large, starting at page 1282. The Help America Vote Act of October 29, 2002, Pub.L. 107–252, 116 Stat. 1666, was the 252nd Act of the 107th Congress. It can be found in volume 116 of the U.S. Statutes at Large, starting at page 1666.

Congress of the Confederation[edit] Main article: Congress of the Confederation

September 22, 1783: Confederation Congress Proclamation of 1783 April 23, 1784: Land Ordinance of 1784 May 21, 1785: Land Ordinance of 1785 July 13, 1787: Ordinance of 1787: The Northwest Territorial Government ("Northwest Ordinance")

United States Congress[edit] 1789 to 1901: 1st through 56th Congresses[edit] Main article: List of United States federal legislation, 1789-1901 1901 to 2001: 57th through 106th Congresses[edit] Main article: List of United States federal legislation, 1901-2001 2001 to present: 107th and subsequent Congresses[edit] Main article: List of United States federal legislation, 2001-present See also[edit]

Authorization bill Appropriations bill (United States) List of sources of law in the United States List of Uniform Acts (United States) Lists by subject

Agriculture: United States Department of Agriculture#Related legislation Civil Rights: Civil Rights Act (other) Defense: United States Department of Defense#Related legislation Drugs: Office of National Drug Control Policy# Legislation and executive orders Energy: United States Department of Energy#Related legislation
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and Energy law#Federal laws Health and Human Services: United States Department of Health and Human Services#Related legislation Judiciary: Judiciary Act (other) Labor: United States Department of Labor#Related legislation Slavery: Slave Trade Acts Social Security: List of Social Security legislation (United States) Taxation: List of tariffs, Template:US tax acts, and Category:United States federal taxation legislation Transportation: United States Department of Transportation#Related legislation Veterans Affairs: United States Department of Veterans Affairs#Related legislation Water Resources, Navigation, Environmental Regulation: United States Army Corps of Engineers#Public Laws affecting the Corps of Engineers (partial)


Acts listed by popular name, via Cornell University Statutes at Large

Volumes 1 through 18, 1789–1875, via Library of Congress Volumes 19 through 64, 1875-1950, via Library of Congress Volumes 65 through 125, 1951-2011, via Government Publishing Office

Public laws

93rd Congress through current Congress, via

U.S. Code

U.S. Code, via Law Revision Counsel of the U.S. House of Representatives U.S. Code, via Cornell University U.S. Code, via the U.S. Government Publishing Office U.S. Code, via

Brian K. Landsberg (ed), Major Acts of Congress. MacMillan Reference Books (December 2003) ISBN 0-02-865749-7


^ See, e.g., Act of Aug. 11, 1790, ch. 44, 6 Stat. 3

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