This is a list of extant towers that fulfill the engineering definition of a tower: "a tall human structure, always taller than it is wide, meant for public or regular operational access by humans, but not for living in or office work, and are self-supporting or free-standing, which means no guy-wires for support."[1] The definition means the exclusion from this list of continuously habitable buildings and skyscrapers as well as radio and TV masts. Also excluded from this list because they are not designed for public or regular operational access are bridge towers or pylons, chimneys, transmission towers, sculptures and most large statues and obelisks. Towers are most often built to use their height for various purposes and can stand alone or as part of a larger structure. Some common purposes are for telecommunications, and as a viewing platform. The Tokyo
Skytree, completed in February 2012, reaches a height of 634 m (2,080 ft), making it the tallest tower, and second-tallest free-standing structure in the world.[2][3][4]


1 Entirely self-supported towers

1.1 Towers taller than 250 metres 1.2 Towers between 200 and 250 metres tall 1.3 Towers between 100 and 200 metres tall 1.4 Diagram 1.5 Timeline of tallest towers

2 See also 3 References

Entirely self-supported towers[edit] Towers taller than 250 metres[edit]

Rank Name Pinnacle height Year Structure Country City Remarks

1 Tokyo
Skytree 634 m (2,080 ft) 2012 Steel  Japan Tokyo Became tallest tower in 2011, second-tallest freestanding structure in the world

2 Canton Tower 604 m (1,982 ft) 2010 Steel & concrete  China Guangzhou Tallest in the world 2009–11

3 CN Tower 553.33 m (1,815.4 ft) 1976 Concrete  Canada Toronto Tallest freestanding structure in the world 1975–2007, tallest in the western hemisphere

4 Ostankino Tower 540.1 m (1,772 ft) 1967 Concrete  Russia Moscow Tallest freestanding structure in the world, 1967–75, tallest in Europe

5 Oriental Pearl Tower 468 m (1,535 ft) 1994 Concrete  China Shanghai Tallest in China

6 Milad Tower 435 m (1,427 ft) 2007 Concrete  Iran Tehran Tallest in the Middle East

7 KL Tower 421 m (1,381 ft) 1994 Concrete  Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Tallest in South East Asia

8 Tianjin
Radio and Television Tower 415.2 m (1,362 ft) 1991 Concrete  China Tianjin

9 Central Radio and TV Tower 405 m (1,329 ft) 1992 Concrete  China Beijing

10 Zhongyuan Tower 388 m (1,273 ft) 2011 Steel  China Zhengzhou

11 Kiev
TV Tower 385 m (1,263 ft) 1973 Steel  Ukraine Kiev

12 Tashkent
Tower 374.9 m (1,230 ft) 1985 Steel  Uzbekistan Tashkent Tallest in Central Asia

13 Liberation Tower 372 m (1,220 ft) 1996 Concrete  Kuwait Kuwait

14 Almaty
Tower 371.5 m (1,219 ft) 1983 Steel  Kazakhstan Almaty

15 Riga
Radio and TV Tower 368.5 m (1,209 ft) 1986 Steel  Latvia Riga Tallest in the European Union

16 Berliner Fernsehturm 368 m (1,207 ft) 1969 Concrete  Germany Berlin Tallest structure in Germany

17 Stratosphere Tower 350.2 m (1,149 ft) 1996 Concrete  United States Las Vegas Tallest observation tower in the United States

18 Lotus Tower 350 m (1,150 ft) 2018 Concrete  Sri Lanka Colombo Tallest structure in South Asia

19 West Pearl Tower 339 m (1,112 ft) 2004 Concrete  China Chengdu

20 Macau
Tower 338 m (1,109 ft) 2001 Concrete  China Macau

21 Dragon Tower 336 m (1,102 ft) 2000 Lattice  China Harbin

22 Europaturm 337.5 m (1,107 ft) 1979 Concrete  Germany Frankfurt

23 Tokyo
Tower 332.6 m (1,091 ft) 1958 Lattice  Japan Tokyo Tallest in the world 1958–67

24 Emley Moor TV Tower 330.4 m (1,084 ft) 1971 Concrete  United Kingdom Kirklees Tallest freestanding structure in the United Kingdom

25 Sky Tower
(Auckland) 328 m (1,076 ft) 1997 Concrete  New Zealand Auckland Tallest freestanding structure in the Southern Hemisphere

26 Vilnius
TV Tower 327 m (1,073 ft) 1980 Concrete  Lithuania Vilnius

27 Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg
TV Tower 326 m (1,070 ft) 1962 Lattice  Russia Saint Petersburg

28 Eiffel Tower 324 m (1,063 ft) 1889 Lattice  France Paris First to surpass 300 metres, tallest tower in the world 1889–1958, oldest in this list

29 Rameswaram
TV Tower 323 m (1,060 ft) 1995 Concrete  India Rameswaram

30 Jiangsu Nanjing
TV Tower 318.5 m (1,045 ft) 1996 Concrete  China Nanjing

31 Tallinn
TV Tower 314 m (1,030 ft) 1980 Concrete  Estonia Tallinn

32 Yerevan
TV Tower 311.7 m (1,023 ft) 1977 Lattice  Armenia Yerevan [5]

33 Tortoise Mountain TV Tower 311.4 m (1,022 ft) 1986 Concrete  China Wuhan

34 Baku
TV Tower 310 m (1,020 ft) 1996 Concrete  Azerbaijan Baku

35 Sydney
Tower 309 m (1,014 ft) 1981 Concrete  Australia Sydney

36 Liaoning Broadcast and TV Tower 305.5 m (1,002 ft) 1989 Concrete  China Shenyang

37 Jaisalmer
TV Tower 300 m (984 ft) 1993 Concrete  India Jaisalmer

38 Samatra TV Tower 300 m (984 ft) 1999 Concrete  India Bhuj

39 VRT Toren 300 m (984 ft) 1996 Concrete  Belgium Sint-Pieters-Leeuw

40 Zhuzhou
Television Tower 293 m (961 ft) 1999 Concrete  China Zhuzhou

41 Fernmeldeturm Nürnberg 292 m (958 ft) 1977 Concrete  Germany Nuremberg

42 Olympiaturm 289.5 m (950 ft) 1968 Concrete  Germany Munich

43 Torre de Collserola 288 m (945 ft) 1992 Steel  Spain Barcelona

44 Telemax 282.2 m (926 ft) 1992 Concrete  Germany Hannover

45 Jalandhar
TV Tower 280 m (920 ft) 2007 Concrete  India Jalandhar

46 Heinrich-Hertz-Turm 279.7 m (918 ft) 1968 Concrete  Germany Hamburg

47 Georgia Tbilisi
TV Broadcasting Tower 274.5 m (901 ft) 1972 Steel  Georgia Tbilisi

48 Hillbrow Tower 269 m (883 ft) 1971 Concrete  South Africa Johannesburg Tallest in Africa

49 Kaifeng
TV Tower 268 m (879 ft) 1995 Concrete  China Kaifeng

50 Colonius 266 m (873 ft) 1981 Concrete  Germany Cologne

51 Novorossiysk
TV Tower 261.5 m (858 ft) 1996 Concrete  Russia Novorossiysk

52 Daqing
Radio and Television Tower 260 m (850 ft) 1989 Concrete  China Daqing

53 Olympic Park Observation Tower 258 m (846 ft) 2014 Steel  China Beijing

54 Fernmeldeturm Kühkopf 255 m (837 ft) 1976 Concrete  Germany Koblenz

55 Donauturm 252 m (827 ft) 1964 Concrete  Austria Vienna

56 Fernsehturm Dresden-Wachwitz 252 m (827 ft) 1969 Concrete  Germany Dresden

57 Swisscom-Sendeturm St. Chrischona 250 m (820 ft) 1984 Concrete   Switzerland St. Chrischona

58 Jeddah
TV Tower 250 m (820 ft) 2007 Concrete  Saudi Arabia Jeddah

Towers between 200 and 250 metres tall[edit]

Tower Year Country City Pinnacle height Remarks

Shaanxi Provincial TV Tower 1987  China Xi'an 245 m

Rheinturm Düsseldorf 1981  Germany Düsseldorf 240.5 m Was 234.2 m before another antenna was mounted in 2004

Park Tower ?  Thailand Pattaya 240 m

N Seoul Tower 1975  South Korea Seoul 239.7 m

Menara TVRI 1994  Indonesia Jakarta 239 m

TV Tower 1995  China Foshan 238 m

Sentech Tower 1962  South Africa Johannesburg 237 m

Endem TV Tower 2002  Turkey Istanbul 236 m

Bremen-Walle Telecommunication Tower 1986  Germany Bremen-Walle 235.7 m

Pitampura TV Tower 1988  India Delhi 235 m

Tower 1989  Japan Fukuoka 234 m

Qingdao TV Tower 1994  China Qingdao 232 m

Torrespaña 1982  Spain Madrid 231 m

Ryan Tower 1968  Canada Chelsea, Quebec 228.9 m

of the Americas 1968  United States San Antonio, Texas 228.6 m

Torre Espacial 1980  Argentina Buenos Aires 228 m

Katanga TV Tower 1992  India Jabalpur 225 m

Brasilia TV Tower 1965  Brazil Brasilia 224 m

Buková hora TV Tower 1975  Czech Republic Bukova hora 223 m

Fernmeldeturm Münster 42 1986  Germany Münster 222.5 m

Florianturm 1959  Germany Dortmund 219.6 m

Jilin Radio and TV Tower 1996  China Jilin 218 m

TV Tower 1991  China Guangzhou 217 m

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 1956  Germany Stuttgart-Degerloch 216.8 m World's first concrete TV tower

Prague - Žižkov Television Tower 1992  Czech Republic Prague 216 m

Fernmeldeturm Mannheim 1975  Germany Mannheim 212.8 m

Fernmeldeturm Berlin 1964  Germany Berlin 212 m

Broadcasting Centre 2011  Turkmenistan Ashgabat 211 m

Minaret of Hassan II Mosque 1993  Morocco Casablanca 210 m

Transmitter Hornisgrinde 1972  Germany Hornisgrinde 206 m

Baghdad Tower 1994  Iraq Baghdad 205 m Formerly International Saddam Tower

Donnersberg TV Tower 1962  Germany Donnersberg 204.82 m

TV Tower 1965  Serbia Avala, near Belgrade 204.5 m Destroyed in NATO bombing on April 29, 1999; reconstruction completed October 2009; tallest in the Balkans

Rousse TV Tower 1987  Bulgaria Rousse 204 m

TV tower Helpterberge 1981  Germany Helpterberge 203.2 m

Woobang Tower 1992  South Korea Daegu 202 m

Guangdong TV Tower[citation needed] 1965  China Guangzhou 200 m

This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries. Towers between 100 and 200 metres tall[edit]

Tower Year Country City Pinnacle height Remarks

Xuzhou TV Tower 1990  China Xuzhou 199 m

KPN-Zendmast Waalhaven 1962  Netherlands Rotterdam-Waalhaven 199 m

Zendmast Roermond 1957  Netherlands Roermond 197.7 m

KPN Tower
Hilversum 1973  Netherlands Hilversum 196 m

Bantiger TV Tower 1996   Switzerland Bolligen 196 m

Sky Tower
Nishitōkyō 1988  Japan Nishitōkyō, Tokyo 195 m

Telstra Tower 1980  Australia Canberra 195 m

Kamzik TV Tower 1975  Slovakia Bratislava 194 m

Gateway Arch 1965  United States St. Louis 192 m

Dalian Radio and TV Tower ?  China Dalian 190.5 m

Calgary Tower 1967  Canada Calgary 190 m

BT Tower 1964  United Kingdom London 188 m

Cairo Tower 1961  Egypt Cairo 188 m

Telecom Italia Tower
Rozzano 1990  Italy Rozzano - Milan 187 m

Towers 1979  Kuwait Kuwait
City 187 m

Euromast 1962  Netherlands Rotterdam 186 m

TV tower Decquede 1959  Germany Dequede 184.5 m

Space Needle 1962  United States Seattle 184 m

Brasilia Digital TV Tower 2012  Brazil Brasília, DF 182 m

TV Tower 1954  Japan Nagoya 180 m

PL Peace Tower 1970  Japan Tondabayashi 180 m

Hošťálkovice transmitter 1979  Czech Republic Ostrava 180 m

Telecommunication Tower
Bungsberg 1977  Germany Bungsberg 179 m

Löffelstelz Transmitter 2000  Germany Bad Mergentheim 179 m

Monte da Virgem Tower ?  Portugal Vila Nova de Gaia 177 m

Pécs TV Tower 1973  Hungary Pécs 176 m

Olympic Stadium tower 1987  Canada Montreal 175.3 m Highest inclined tower in the world, with its 45-degree angle.

Zendstation Markelo ?  Netherlands Markelo 174.4 m

San Jacinto Monument 1939  United States La Porte, Texas 172.92 m / 567.31 ft World's tallest monumental column

Reunion Tower 1978  United States Dallas 170.7 m

Iriški Venac TV Tower 1975  Serbia near Novi Sad 170 m

Juche Tower 1982  North Korea Pyongyang 170 m

Riyadh TV Tower 1981  Saudi Arabia Riyad 170 m

Spinnaker Tower 2005  United Kingdom Portsmouth 170 m

Washington Monument 1884  United States Washington, DC 169.3 m / 555 ft 5 in Observation level at 152 m

TV Tower 1973  Croatia Zagreb 169 m

Fernmeldeturm Bödefeld ?  Germany Schmallenberg-Bödefeld 168.7 m

Näsinneula Observation Tower 1971  Finland Tampere 168 m Located at Särkänniemi
amusement park

Menara Alor Star 1998  Malaysia Alor Star 165.5 m

Hünenburg Telecommunication Tower ?  Germany Bielefeld-Hühnenburg 165 m Also known as Fernmeldeturm Teutoburger Wald

Heubach Telecommunication Tower ?  Germany Heubach 164.8 m

Las Vegas Eiffel Tower 1999  United States Las Vegas 164.6 m Replica of Eiffel Tower

Praděd TV Tower 1983  Czech Republic Praděd Mountain 162 m

Ulm Münster 1377–1890  Germany Ulm 161.5 m Tallest church tower in the world

British Airways i360 2016  United Kingdom Brighton 161 m Thinnest tall tower in the world[6]

Tower 1966  Japan Osaka 160 m

Skylon Tower 1965  Canada Niagara Falls 160 m

Blackpool Tower 1894  United Kingdom Blackpool 158 m

Gold Tower 1988  Japan Utazu, Kagawa 158 m

Cathedral 1248–1880  Germany Cologne 157.4 m Twin spires

Snejanka tower 1978  Bulgaria Pamporovo
- Mount Snejanka 156 m Also known as Pamporovo
TV Tower

Kaknästornet TV Tower 1964  Sweden Stockholm 155 m

Funkturm Arsenal ?  Austria Vienna 155 m

Kaikyo Yume Tower 1996  Japan Shimonoseki 153 m

BT Tower 1967  United Kingdom Birmingham 152 m

Cathedral 1145–1876  France Rouen 151 m

Cuyahoga Falls Cathedral Tower 1971  USA Cuyahoga Falls 150.57 m unfinished TV tower

Funkturm Berlin 1926  Germany Berlin 150 m Only observation tower standing on insulators

Cruz de los Caídos 1956  Spain San Lorenzo de El Escorial 150 m Tallest cross in the world

TV Tower 1978  Romania Galaţi 150 m

St. Nikolai, Hamburg 1846–77  Germany Hamburg 147.3 m Church ruin

Sapporo TV Tower 1957  Japan Sapporo 147.2 m

Dobrich TV Tower 1979  Bulgaria Dobrich 146 m

Fallturm Bremen 1990  Germany Bremen 146 m

Vasco da Gama Tower 1998  Portugal Lisboa 145 m

Cathedral 1176–1439  France Strasbourg 144 m

Nozema Tower
Wormer 1968  Netherlands Wormer 144 m

Zigong TV Tower 1988  China Zigong 143.6 m

Jakobsberg Telecommunication Tower 1978  Germany Porta Westfalica-Jakobsberg 142 m

Monte Mario Tower ?  Italy Rome 140 m

Nozema Zendstation 1957  Netherlands Mierlo 139.5 m

Twin Arch 138 1995  Japan Ishinomiya 138 m

Goes TV Tower 1957  Netherlands Goes 137 m Also known as Nozema TV Tower
Goes. Between 1957 and 2007 153 m tall.

Transmission Tower ?  Germany Hohenstadt 137 m

Monas 1975  Indonesia Jakarta 137 m

St. Chrischona, old tower 1962   Switzerland St. Chrischona 136 m

Montjuic Communications Tower 1992  Spain Barcelona 136 m

Higashiyama Sky Tower 1989  Japan Nagoya 134 m

Radio City Tower 1969  United Kingdom Liverpool 134 m

KLIA2 Control Tower 2013  Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 133.8m Tallest air-traffic control tower in the world[7]

Mulleklenkes 1984  Germany Aachen 133 m Radio- DVB-T
Transmission Tower

Nozema Zendstation The Hague 1965  Netherlands The Hague 133 m

BKK Control Tower 2006  Thailand Bang Phli 132.2 m Second-tallest air-traffic control tower in the world

Telefónica Chile
Tower 1996  Chile Santiago 132 m

TV-toren Ittervoort ?  Netherlands Ittervoort 132 m

Telecommunication Tower
Leipzig ?  Germany Leipzig 132 m

Kyoto Tower 1964  Japan Kyoto 131 m

1000 Islands SkyDeck 1965  Canada Hill Island, Ontario 130 m

TV Tower
Nordhelle 1984  Germany Nordhelle 130 m

Telecommunication tower Großerlach 1985  Germany Großerlach 130 m

Zendstation Loon op Zand 1986  Netherlands Loon op Zand 130 m

Shiraz Tower 2011  Iran Shiraz 130 m

KUL Control Tower 1998  Malaysia Kuala-Lumpur 130 m

Piątkowo transmitter, Tower
2 1993  Poland Poznań 128 m

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Licheń 2004  Poland Licheń 128 m

Express Lift Tower 1980–82  United Kingdom Northampton 127.45 m

Torre Entel 1974  Chile Santiago 127.4 m

Glasgow Tower 2001  United Kingdom Glasgow 127 m

Aliant Tower 1971  Canada Moncton 127 m

Sender Inselsberg 1974  Germany Inselsberg Mountain + 126 m Was 43.31 when constructed in 1939

Dreamworld Tower 1997  Australia Dreamworld, Coomera 126.5m

Grobal Tower 1995  Japan Beppu 125 m

FMT 6 - Brackenheim ?  Germany Brackenheim 125 m

Craigkelly TV Tower ?  United Kingdom Craigkelly, Burntisland, Fife 125 m

Chiba Port Tower 1986  Japan Chiba 125 m

Atakule Tower 1989  Turkey Ankara 125 m

Radio Station ?  Latvia Riga 125 m

Gatlinburg Space Needle 1970  United States Gatlinburg 124 m

Transmitter Geiersberg ?  Germany Geiersberg 124 m

Tyholttårnet 1985  Norway Trondheim 124 m

Banharn-Jamsai Tower ?  Thailand Suphan Buri 123.25 m

Salisbury Cathedral 1220–1320  United Kingdom Salisbury 123 m

Sender Brocken 1937 & 1974  Germany Brocken Mountain 123 m 95 m on original tower

Mont Pèlerin
Mont Pèlerin
TV Tower 1974   Switzerland Mont Pèlerin 122.6 m

Pääskyvuoren linkkitorni 1964  Finland Turku 122 m

Ginosa Water Tower ?  Italy Ginosa 122 m

Zendstation Megen 1980  Netherlands Megen 121 m

Fernmeldeturm Duisburg

 Germany Duisburg 121 m

Gibloux Radio Tower ?   Switzerland Sorens 118.7 m

Crossland Tower 1994  Japan Oyabe, Toyama 118 m

Silistra TV Tower 1979  Bulgaria Silistra 117 m

Lisebergstornet 1990  Sweden Göteborg 116.1 m

Observation tower of la Cité de l'Énergie ?  Canada Shawinigan, Quebec 115 m

Bernauer Birzel ?  Germany Bernau 115 m

Torrazzo of Cremona 1309  Italy Cremona 112.7 m

Domtoren 1328  Netherlands Utrecht 112.5 m Free-standing medieval church tower, see also list of tallest churches

Tiger Sky Tower 2004  Singapore Sentosa Island 110 m Tallest free-standing observation tower in Asia

Bytków TV Tower ?  Poland Siemianowice Śląskie 110 m

Taming Sari Tower 2008  Malaysia Melaka 110 m First revolving tower in Malaysia

Exelberg Telecommunication Tower

 Austria Vienna 109 m

Torre Branca 1933  Italy Milano 108.6 m

Port Tower 1963  Japan Kobe 108 m

Mountain TV Tower 1985  Bulgaria Vitosha
Mountain 186 m

Tour Hertzienne TDF de Romainville 1984  France Paris-Romainville 108 m Also known as Tour Relais TDF

Goryokaku Tower 2006  Japan Hakodate 107 m

Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial 1915  United States Put-in-Bay, Ohio 107 m World's most massive Doric column; fourth-tallest memorial in the U.S.

Torre Jaume I 1931  Spain Barcelona 107 m Connected with Torre Sant Sebastia
Torre Sant Sebastia
by Port Vell Aerial Tramway

Bremerhaven Radar Tower 1965  Germany Bremerhaven 106.1 m

Yokohama Marine Tower 1961  Japan Yokohama 106 m

Borisova Gradina TV Tower 1959  Bulgaria Sofia 106 m

Tsutenkaku 1956  Japan Osaka 103 m

Scream 1992  Germany Soltau - Heidepark 103 m Gyro-Drop Tower

Total Tower 1994  United States Denver 102.4 m

Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower 1908  United Kingdom Birmingham, England 100 m

Beppu Tower 1957  Japan Beppu 100 m

Hakata Port Tower 1964  Japan Hukuoka 100 m

Ještěd TV Tower 1968  Czech Republic Jested 100 m

Hokkaido Centennial Monument 1970  Japan Sapporo 100 m

Bazita Peak TV Tower 1975  Hungary Zalaegerszeg 100 m

Holstein Tower 1988  Germany Sierksdorf 100 m Additionally guyed Gyro-Tower

Faro de Moncloa 1992  Spain Madrid 100 m

This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries. Diagram[edit]

Timeline of tallest towers[edit]

From To Tower Country City Pinnacle height

280 BC 1180 AD Pharos Lighthouse  Egypt Alexandria 122 m (400 ft)

1180 1240 Malmesbury Abbey
Malmesbury Abbey
Tower  United Kingdom Malmesbury 131.3 m (431 ft)

1240 1311 Tower
of Old St Paul's Cathedral  United Kingdom London 150 m (490 ft)

1311 1549 Tower
of Lincoln Cathedral  United Kingdom Lincoln 159.7 m (524 ft)

1549 1647 Tower
of St Mary's church  Germany Stralsund 151 m (495 ft)

1647 1874 Tower
of Strasbourg
Cathedral  France Strasbourg 142 m (466 ft)

1874 1876 Tower
of St. Nikolai  Germany Hamburg 147 m (482 ft)

1876 1880 Tower
of Rouen
Cathedral  France Rouen 151 m (495 ft)

1880 1889 Tower
of Cologne
Cathedral  Germany Cologne 157.38 m (516.3 ft)

1889 1958 Eiffel Tower  France Paris 312.3 m (1,025 ft)

1958 1967 Tokyo
Tower  Japan Tokyo 332.6 m (1,091 ft)

1967 1975 Ostankino Tower  Russia Moscow 540.1 m (1,772 ft)

1975 2009 CN Tower  Canada Toronto 553.33 m (1,815.4 ft)

2009 2011 Canton Tower  China Guangzhou 604 m (1,982 ft)

2011 present Tokyo
Skytree  Japan Tokyo 634 m (2,080 ft)

See also[edit]

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