Ja'far (Arabic: جعفر‎), meaning spring or rivulet, is a masculine Arabic given name, especially common among Shia
Muslims. It may also be transliterated Jafar, Jaffar or Jafer or Jaffer or in Egyptian Arabic pronunciation, gafar. The Turkish spelling of the name is Cafer. The Bosniak spelling of the name is Džafer and the Albanian one is Xhafer.


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Historical persons[edit]

Ja'far ibn Abi Talib (died 629), companion of Muhammad, older brother of Ali Ja'far al-Sadiq
Ja'far al-Sadiq
(702–765), descendant of Ali, prominent Islamic Fiqh scholar and sixth Imam for Shia
Muslims. Ja'far ibn Yahya (767–803), the vizier of Caliph Harun al-Rasheed Jaʿfar ibn Muḥammad Abu Ma'shar al-Balkhi (787–886), Persian scholar Mir Jafar Dasni (died 841), Yezidi leader who rebelled against Abbasid Caliph al-Mu'tasim Ja'far ibn al-Furat (921–1001), Ikhshidid and Fatimid vizier Jafar Khan Zand, King of Persia

Modern persons[edit] Given name[edit]

Mir Jafar
Mir Jafar
(1691–1765), Nawab of Bengal Jafar Khan (died 1789), shah of Persia (1785–1789) Jafar al-Askari
Jafar al-Askari
(1887–1936), prime minister of Iraq Ja'far Pishevari
Ja'far Pishevari
(1893-1947), Iranian politician Jafar Sharif-Emami (1910–1998), Prime minister of Iran Jafar Shahidi
Jafar Shahidi
(1918–2008), scholar of Persian language and literature and historian of Islam Gaafar Nimeiry
Gaafar Nimeiry
(1930-2009), President of Sudan Ja'afar Touqan (born 1938), Palestinian-Jordanian architect Jafar Zafarani (born 1947), Iranian mathematician Jafar Bolhari (born 1948), Iranian psychiatrist Jafar Panahi
Jafar Panahi
(born 1960), Iranian filmmaker Sayed Mohammed Jaffer (born 1985), Bahraini footballer Jafar Ebrahimi, Iranian poet Mufti Jafar Hussain, Pakistani Shia
mujtahid and political leader

Surname or patronymic[edit]

Ahmed Gaafar (born 1985), Egyptian footballer Vanja Džaferović (born 1983), Croat-Bosnian footballer Badr Jafar
Badr Jafar
(born 1979), Emirati business executive Farouk Gaafar (born 1952), Egyptian footballer Majid Jafar
Majid Jafar
(born 1976), UAE businessman Rahim Jaffer (born 1971), Canadian politician Mustapha Ben Jafar
Mustapha Ben Jafar
(born 1940), Tunisian politician and doctor Onn Jaafar
Onn Jaafar
(1895–1962), Malay politician Said Mohamed Jaffar
Said Mohamed Jaffar
(1918–1993), president of the State of Comoros

Fictional characters[edit]

Jafar, the main antagonist in Aladdin and its first sequel, The Return of Jafar Jafar, one of the primary antagonists in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, based in the above character Jaffar, a character in the Fire Emblem universe Jaffar, a character in Prince of Persia Ja'far, a character in the manga Magi Ja'far, the main protagonist of the musical production Twisted (musical) by StarKid Productions

See also[edit]

Khawlah bint Ja'far Zubaidah bint Ja`far Jifar (name), Ethiopian variant of the name

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