Empire of Japan Empire of Japan

 Republic of China

Commanders and leaders Empire of Japan Lt. Gen. Motoo Furusho,
Empire of Japan Adm. Koichi Shiozawa Republic of China (1912–1949) Yu Han-mou Strength IJA 21th Army
IJN 4th Flight group NRA 12th Army group Casualties and losses 2,500 10,000

The Canton Operation was part of a campaign by Japan during the Second Sino-Japanese War to blockade China to prevent it from communicating with the outside world and importing needed arms and materials. Control of Canton and the Pearl River Delta would provide a base to make the blockade of Guangdong province more effective by seizing southern China's major port and isolate the British port of Hong Kong.

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Coordinates: 23°05′N 113°18′E / 23.09°N 113.30°E / 23.09; 113.30

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