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Notable commanders Selwyn Porter

The 24th Brigade
was a brigade-sized infantry unit of the Australian Army. Formed on 1 July 1940 as part of the Second Australian Imperial Force, the unit was raised for service during World War II. Originally formed as part of the 8th Australian Division the brigade was subsequently transferred to the newly created 9th Australian Division in December. The brigade served during the Western Desert Campaign, the landing at Lae, the Huon Peninsula campaign
Huon Peninsula campaign
and the Labuan landings. It was disbanded in 1946.


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History[edit] The brigade was formed in July 1940 as part of the 8th Division for service in Egypt. Attached units[edit]

2/25th Battalion to 25th Brigade 2/28th Battalion 2/43rd Battalion 2/32nd Battalion from 25th Brigade[1]

Commanding officers[edit]

From To Commanding officer[2]

01-Jul-1940 04-Mar-1941 Brigadier
Eric Plant

13-Mar-1941 04-Nov-1942 Brigadier
AHL Godfrey

01-Nov-1942 10-Nov-1943 Brigadier
Bernard Evans[3]

10-Nov-1943 31-Mar-1945 Brigadier
Selwyn Porter


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